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First Time Supervisor in Healthcare Digital Badge image. First Time Supervisor in Healthcare is a Course

First Time Supervisor in Healthcare

Apr 15, 2024 - Jun 24, 2024

$295 Enroll

Full course description

Dates: April 15

Format: Self-paced

Duration: 8 weeks

Schedule: TBA

Total Time Commitment: TBA

Course Overview:

This comprehensive 8-week self-paced program is designed to address the skill gaps for First Time Supervisors in Healthcare. The program will provide supervisors with essential knowledge and a foundation to be successful when handling various managerial tasks expected of them. Some topics covered in this micro-credential program are relationship building, goal-setting, delegation, communication techniques and barriers, strategic planning for appraisals and meetings, interviewing, employee retention and morale, and common practices for successful supervisors.

The learning objectives and competencies for this digital badge are: 

  • Understand expectations of a supervisor and the employees they manage.
  • Identify and apply different supervisory techniques, interview protocols, performance appraisals, and goal-setting strategies. 
  • Apply proper communication techniques and effectively address barriers.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of proper employee behavior, address problematic characteristics, encourage constructive discipline, maintain documentation, and promote a positive work environment for employee retention. 
  • Practice conflict resolution and ethical decision-making with proper leadership styles. 

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Add/Drop Policy: Students are eligible for a full refund if communicated within week 1 via email to our office as well as the instructor of record. Students dropped from the course will no longer have access to course materials and are ineligible for any credentials related to the course if/when a refund is provided.

Students are required to complete introductory assignments or acknowledgment of enrollment within 1 week of the course start date. Failure to do so will result in the student being dropped from the course/program without refund.

Cancellation Policy

If a program is canceled, you will be notified by email and phone and issued a full refund within 20 business days. Individuals who cancel after the start of a program will not receive a refund. No refunds will be granted after a student accesses the online course materials or 30 days after registration, whichever comes first.